The Reviews are Coming In!

Here”s what our patrons are saying about Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun:

“it was beautiful and very well done…very engaging and brought tears to my eyes!”      – Susan Christensen

“… we enjoyed the play last night….It was so well cast and acted – so funny, yet, heart wrenchingly sad…We laughed and cried….Think you have a winner on your hands!!!                                 – Sylvia Ridgway

” “As I walked out this summer morning” the profound humanity and the actors” lightness of touch remained with me; will remain with me.”
– Janet Mosynski

“It”s a wonderful play and the actors are great especially the two young leads – they are phenomenal!”             –  Nancy Stunden

“Awesome performance!! Well worth seeing. Not a dull moment in the entire show.”                   – Diana Lariviere