August 4 – September 2 ♦ Myth of the Ostrich by Matt Murray

After Pam finds a letter from her teenage son to his sweetheart, she turns up unannounced to discuss matters with the other teen’s mother Holly.  What starts as a pleasant visit quickly becomes a complicated, bizarre and hilarious roller-coaster ride of misunderstandings. The mess and confusion of the precarious situation escalates with the arrival of Holly’s outrageous and filter-less friend, Cheryl. Now it just remains to be seen whose head is buried deepest in the sand!   

“Myth of the Ostrich is a knockout comedy. It’s got sharp insight and laughs a’plenty. I’m still giddy more than an hour later.” – Mooney on Theatre

“A smart comedy like this deserves the widest audience possible.” – Stage Door

“The play feels so real that it would be understandable if you forgot you were in a theatre, at least until the next belly-laugh comes along.” – Charlebois Post   

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Directed by Charlotte Gowdy
Starring from left to right: Johanna Nutter, Melanie Piatocha, Renée Hackett 





Charlotte Gowdy, Johanna Nutter and Melanie Piatocha are engaged with the permission of Canadian Actor’s Equity Association.

Please note: Myth of the Ostrich contains adult themes that may not be suitable for younger audiences.