Festival Season 2020 – June 25 – September 20

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Summer Season 2020

Big News! This season we will be running in rep. If you only have a few days to spend on our beautiful Island you will be able to take in both shows and perhaps a concert as well! We will be announcing the Monday Night Concert Series and the September programming shortly. … [Read more...]

Off The Grid by John Spurway

No WIFI, no plumbing - no problem! Or is there? Marty is an architect anxious to learn more about self-sufficient houses so she can write a magazine article about living “off the grid”. Her husband Leonard is a loans officer who has reluctantly agreed to spend a week without his creature comforts while Marty writes her article and they … [Read more...]

Popcorn Falls by James Hindman

1 small town, 2 medium-sized actors, 21 over-the-top characters! Welcome to Popcorn Falls, a sleepy town that’s down on its luck. Its only claim to fame – the namesake waterfall – has dried up and the neighbouring town is threatening to turn them into a sewage treatment plant. The residents’ last chance to save the town is a large grant that can … [Read more...]