On Golden Pond reviews are in!

Sean McQuaid wrote in the The Buzz Online Mini Review:
“You could not ask for more from summer theatre than On Golden Pond. Poignant, funny and engrossing, the play is a meditation on growing old, on memory, and mostly, on love with all its ups and downs. Principals Bill McFadden and Sharlene MacLean are delightful – their relationship as warm and comfortable as an old sweater. And the ambitious set, lighting and sound design perfectly evoke a beloved old family cottage. On Golden Pond is a complete treat.”

Jack McAndrew wrote in his column The View From Here for the Eastern Graphic:
“Spend a wonderful and entertaining evening with the Thayers at the Victoria Playhouse… The Play is the opening offering of the Playhouse season, and a brilliant choice it is by Artistic Director Erskine Smith.”

Lennie MacPherson reviewed the show for The Guardian”
“Characters arcs are subtle, and there’s not a lot of story to wade through. Rather, its more a slice of life piece, taking you through a hazy summer. Young and old will laugh, and think about loved ones… The very fine set is used fully as well. As an audience member you feel the coziness of the room, and gain a sense of what lies outside each exit. Thanks to the ever creative set design and lighting team the feeling of the time of day especially (something that is never more present than when you are at the cottage) is clearly articulated. On Golden Pond has an extended run this year, thankfully, but be sure to mark it on your calendar because, like the summer itself, it’ll be over too soon.”